Making a purchase
  • How do I add items to my wish list? Simply click on the heart icon below the product image as you shop - this automatically adds an item to your wish list
  • How do I remove items from my wish list? Click on the heart icon and the item will automatically be removed
  • How do I move items from my wish list to my shopping cart? Click on the shopping cart icon underneath the product image - the item will automatically be added to your shopping cart
  • Are items in my shopping cart reserved? No, they're not. Until payment has been received, items in your shopping cart remain available to other buyers
  • Why is there a gold crown next to some sellers and not others? Gold crowns are awarded when sellers have a proven track record of selling good quality items, describing them accurately and posting quickly. It doesn't mean that other sellers can't be trusted... just that they haven't made many sales with us yet. Please bear in mind that we're not like many other sites... if anything goes wrong we will step in to sort it out. So you can feel safe whoever you choose to buy from
  • Is there VAT charged on items I buy? There is no VAT charged on purchases
  • How are shipping costs calculated? If one item is being bought from a seller, then shipping costs will be as stated by the seller. However, if multiple items are being bought from a single seller then shipping costs are automatically calculated as follows: the item with the highest shipping cost in full + 50% of the second highest shipping cost. Remainder of items get free shipping. This is the fairest way to calculate costs for both buyer and seller.
  • I live in a country within the EU - do you ship to me? Manifesto Direct ships to all countries within the EU, however postage costs depend on which country you live in. The quoted shipping price is approximate only. Other sellers may ship to the EU, but they may also choose to ship within the UK only
  • I live in the EU and I'd like to buy something but would like to know exact shipping costs beforehand. What do I do? Just message the seller of the item prior to checking it out... they can confirm shipping costs in advance
  • I don't have a PayPal account - is there any other way of making a purchase? Currently payment has to be made via a PayPal account but we'll soon be implementing other ways to pay
  • How soon should I receive an item I bought? We ask all sellers to post items within 3 days of sale, which the vast majority stick to. However we understand that sometimes life gets in the way of the best intentions so we give the sellers a maximum of 7 days before we request that they issue the buyer with a refund. At peak postal periods e.g. Christmas, delivery may take a little longer than usual
  • The item I bought is not as the seller described - what do I do? If the item is not as described, the seller is required to issue a full refund. If the seller disputes the claim, Manifesto Kids will discuss options with both parties in an attempt to resolve the situation. We like to ensure that all our buyers and sellers get a fair deal! 
  • Am I able to return something I have bought? As with other online marketplaces, all sales are final and can't be returned to the seller. However, in the unlikely event the item you receive is not as described by the seller, the seller is required to issue a refund.  If the item you bought doesn't suit your needs, please do consider reselling it on Manifesto Kids - it means you aren't left out of pocket and the item continues to enjoy a long and happy life, saving the planet in the process
  • Can I cancel a purchase? Once you have bought and paid for an item the sale is final and cannot be cancelled. If you would like to dispute a sale or if the item you receive is not as described, please first contact the seller to obtain a refund. If you require mediation, then please contact us on [email protected]
  • What do I do once I have received the item I've bought and am happy with it? You can log onto the Manifesto Kids site and mark the order as 'completed' (you can find the link in your Manifesto Kids inbox). If you have the time, please also leave feedback for the seller

Interaction between buyer & seller

  • How do I contact a seller? You can leave a comment or a query for the seller underneath the product they’re selling. They'll be notified that you have asked a question and will answer your query as soon as possible. As soon as they respond, you'll be sent an email notification (as long as you have agreed to receive email notifications in your account settings)
  • How do I report a seller? Please email us on [email protected]
  • What do I do if a seller asks me to pay for an item outside Manifesto Kids? We'd really appreciate it if you'd stick to paying within the Manifesto Kids site. The fees we charge are very reasonable and enable us to offer a quality service backed up by excellent customer service, while providing both our buyers and sellers high levels of protection. If possible, please could you let us know if a seller has asked you to pay outside the site by emailing us on [email protected] This helps us maintain an honest and trusted platform

  • Is there anything I need to do before I start selling? Nothing apart from connecting your PayPal account to your Manifesto account. This should take no more than 30 seconds and can be done via your settings (hover over your profile name/ initials, click settings and then click payments).
  • I don't have a PayPal account - is there any other way I can sell things? We'll soon be implementing new ways to pay and be paid but in the meantime both buyers and sellers need a PayPal account
  • I have so many items to list - a lot of them are small and relatively low value. What's the best way to do it? Manifesto Kids tends to focus more on boutique labels or 'best of the high street' but if your smaller items are of exceptional quality then you could consider selling them in job lots i.e. you could photograph and list them all together in one listing. This means a buyer would buy them all in one go
  • I'd like to list furniture but there doesn't seem to be a furniture category? Unfortunately due to bank regulations we are not allowed to sell furniture on the Manifesto Kids site if we want to receive online payments. Sorry, we know it's annoying
  • How do I take a photos of an item? The better the quality of the photographs, the quicker your item is likely to sell. Make sure you take photos of the front and back of the item as well as any details like zips, pockets, collar details, etc... and any defects if your item has been damaged. Try to photograph on a neutral background if you can - it makes the items stand out more
  • I am not sure what condition my item is in - what are the guidelines? We have four condition tiers as follows: 
    • New/ unused: Box fresh - can be with or without tags but has never been worn or used
    • Excellent/ very good condition: Pre-loved - has been worn/ used but has no visible signs of wear or use…still in great condition
    • Good condition: Has been loved but has still got lots of life yet. No big stains, significant damage or other distinct marks
    • Fair condition: A much loved item that has visible signs of wear or use. To be fair to the buyer please clearly describe any defects and, if possible, upload a close up photo
  • I am unsure what I should charge for my items? There are no hard and fast rules but if you'd like an item to sell quickly we suggest:
    •  A maximum of 50 - 60% of the original sale prize for new/ unused items
    • 40% of the original sale price for items in excellent/ very good condition
    • 30% of the original sale price for items in good condition
    • 20% of the original sale price for items in fair condition
  • I am unsure how to type in the size of my clothing items? Sizing varies so wildly between brands we have tried to simplify it for you - please see guidance below. It also helps to describe the fit (if the item is running small, large or as described) in the product description - it gives buyers peace of mind that the item will fit their child.
    • If the label has just one age, please type that in
    • If the label stretches across two ages e.g. 3 - 4 years old, please type in the lower age
    • If the label stretches across 3 ages e.g. 4 - 6 years, please type in the middle age
    • If the item is sized S, M, L, then please put the age that the item is most likely to fit
    • If there is no sizing label, please put the age the item is most likely to fit
  • Can I edit the detail or price of an item once it's for sale on the site? Yes - just click through into the item and change pricing, descriptions or any other detail
  • Is there a fee for listing an item? No, there is no fee for listing an item - you can list as many items as you like for free. You only get charged the Manifesto Kids administrative fee once an item sells: 12% of the sale price excluding delivery charge (down to a minimum fee of £0.50) + any PayPal processing charges you may incur
  • What fees do Manifesto Kids charge? Manifesto Kids charges 12% of the sale price (excluding the cost of postage) for our standard service and 40% of the sale price (excluding the cost of postage) for our Premium service. Note that there is a minimum fee of £0.50 per item for our standard service and £4 per item for our Premium service
  • I would like to use the Manifesto Kids Premium Service - how do I do this? Please contact us on [email protected] or refer to the Premium Service section for more detail
  • I would like to sell my items in the boutique section of your site - how do I do this? The Manifesto Kids team control which items appear in The Boutique. We monitor all items being uploaded to the main site and mark them as boutique if they fit the bill. If you believe that some of your items should be in The Boutique and we don't mark them as such, please do get in touch on [email protected] - we'll do our best to resolve the issue 
  • I am going on holiday, what do I do with my items that are for sale while I am away? Lucky you :-). Click into your settings (by hovering over your account icon, top right of screen). In the left hand menu just below 'profile info', you'll see 'holiday suspension'. Click on this and then click on the 'suspend all listings' button. Don't forget to reopen them when you're back!

Postage/ delivery
  • How do I find the buyer's postal details? You can print a label directly from PayPal or you can hand write it on the parcel - it's up to you… whichever you find most convenient
  • How do I pack the item once it's sold? Please ensure that the item is securely wrapped so that it can't be damaged in transit. If the item reaches the buyer in a condition that is not as described on the Manifesto Kids website, they are entitled to a full refund, including postage costs, from the seller
  • Do I need to use a specific postal/ courier service? You can choose whichever postal service is most convenient for you
  • Can I use standard post or do I need to use tracking? If you post the item with tracking, you are protected by PayPal if the parcel goes missing, who will reimburse you. If you post without tracking and the parcel doesn't arrive at the buyer then the seller will need to refund the full amount to the buyer, including postage. Up to you what you decide to do!
  • How do I know how much the postage will be? It is useful if you have some idea of how much your item weighs - you can use standard kitchen scales to weigh smaller items and bathroom scales to weigh bigger items. If you're posting via Royal Mail you can use their price finder to give an accurate quote on shipping costs: http://www.royalmail.com/price-finder
  • Can you help me with how much items typically cost to post? Yes, we can give you guidance for UK postage but please note that prices vary by size and weight of packages so it's always advisable to use http://www.royalmail.com/price-finder
    • Large letter: if you are selling a small, light item that fits into a standard A4 envelope, then you can send it as a large letter for around £1.90
    • Small parcel 2nd class: a few items in a larger envelope or small box and weighing under 2 kgs can be sent as a small parcel for £2.90 second class
    • Small parcel 1st class: a few items in a larger envelope or small box and weighing under 1 kgs can be sent as a small parcel for £3.40 first class. If it weighs between 1 and 2kgs then the price is £5.50
    • Medium parcel: if somebody buys multiple/ big items from you that requires a bigger box (with max dimensions of 61cm x 46cm x 46cm) with a maximum weight of under 2kg then this can be sent second class for £5 and first class for £8.95
  • Do I have to offer shipping to the EU or is this optional? It is entirely optional. If you choose to ship only within the UK then just leave the EU shipping cost box blank
  • I'd like to offer shopping within the EU - how do I know how much to charge? It's a bit tricky as shipping costs depend on which country the buyer lives in e.g. it is much cheaper to ship to Spain than Poland. We tend to give an approximate cost of £7 per item and then either refund extra postage or charge a little more once the item has been checked out. We do also ask that buyers message you prior to purchase if they are unsure of postage costs
  • I am selling something very big/ heavy e.g. a pram/ car seat/ etc - how do I post this? Depending on the weight and size, you could possibly still post it via Royal Mail or you could think about using a courier service or a specialist transit company/ van. Alternatively, if the buyer lives in your area they could come to collect it
  • Somebody has bought a number of items from me - how do I discount postage? The shopping cart is set up so that postage is automatically discounted for multiple items. Shipping costs are calculated as follows: the item with the highest shipping cost in full + 50% of all other shipping costs. Do think about offering the buyer a shipping refund if actual costs turn out to be a lot cheaper than the calculation
  • How quickly do I need to post an item once it has been sold? Please post the item within 3 days of the sale being confirmed. This is really important as it maintains trust between buyers and sellers on the site - please help us keep the community spirit going! 
  • What happens if I can't post the item within 3 days? Please notify the buyer that shipping will be delayed and keep them informed as you progress - that way everyone is aware of the situation and they're able to cancel the sale if need be

Once the sale is made
  • How do I mark an item as sold? You don't need to do anything. Once payment has gone through, a sold sign will automatically appear on your item and the listing will be marked as sol
  • I sold an item a while ago but now can't find it on the site? Listings are automatically marked as closed 8 weeks after sale. If you go to your Profile (with all your listings) you can select 'show also closed'... this will include all open and closed listings
  • How do I receive the payment for items sold? The sale price + the delivery cost of the item is deposited directly into the seller's Paypal account, less Manifesto Kids' admin fee (12% of sale price down to a minimum of £0.50 for the standard service) and any PayPal processing fees you may incur
  • The buyer wants to pull out of the sale, what do I do? You can cancel the sale on PayPal and keep your item open on the Manifesto Kids site so it can be sold to another buyer. If you've already posted the item then the buyer remains liable for the sale. If you are having trouble with this process, please contact us at [email protected] so we can help
  • I need to issue a refund, how do I do this? You can refund the buyer via PayPal (it's actually really easy... go into your PayPal account, go to activity, find the payment and click refund)
  • Does Manifesto Kids pay back their fee if I have to issue a refund to the buyer? If a seller issues a refund to a buyer, Manifesto Kids will of course pay back their administration fee (12% of a standard sale or 40% for a premium service) at the request of the seller. The seller must request their administration fee refund within a week of refunding the buyer and will receive their refund within 10 days of their request

My account
  • How do I reset/ change my password? Click onto your account icon (top right of screen next to the 'post a new item' button); click on settings; click on 'account'; change your password
  • How do I update my email address? Click onto your account icon (top right of screen next to the 'post a new item' button); click on settings; click on 'account'; change your email address
  • How do I delete my account? Click onto your account icon (top right of screen next to the 'post a new item' button); click on settings; click on 'account'; delete your account
  • How do I update my delivery address? This is done via PayPal
  • I am getting too many notifications and I want to reduce them/ turn them off - how do I do this? Click onto your account icon (top right of screen next to the 'post a new item' button); click on settings; click on 'notifications'; check or uncheck the boxes as required

  • Do I have to live in the UK to buy & sell on Manifesto Kids? Currently sellers must live within the UK, but we ship to both the UK and Europe. We do hope to extend further afield soon
  • Is Manifesto Kids available as a mobile app? Currently we don't have an app, but our website is optimised to be used on most mobile phones and tablets so please do give it a go. And please let us know if you're having trouble - we'll do everything we can to sort it out
  • I have emailed you for help. How long does it take for Manifesto Kids to respond? Our office hours are 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday. We'll aim to answer you within 24 hours within these time periods but during very busy times it may take a bit longer. We promise not to keep you waiting for too long! 

Still got questions? Please email us on [email protected] and we'll do our best to help.