Information about Manifesto Kids

How it works


Looking for something to buy? 
1. Sign up - it's free and easy
2. Browse all the fabulous bargains on the site
3. Found something you like? Buy it!
4. Your purchases will be delivered direct to your door from the seller


Have things to sell?

1. Sign up - it's free and easy
2. Connect your PayPal account to your Manifesto account in settings (takes about 30 seconds)
2. Photograph and upload your item/s
3. When one of your items sells, we'll notify you by email 
4. Post your item to the buyer as soon as you're able (our guidance is that all items should be posted within 3 days of the sale)
5. Get paid the full sale price less Manifestokids' 12% administration fee, down to a minimum fee of 50 pence (and any PayPal fees you may incur)


  • Items are shipped directly from seller to buyer, typically within 3 days of the sale being confirmed. The seller is entirely responsible for the shipping of sold items
  • If not posted within 7 days of the confirmed sale, the seller is required to issue the buyer with a refund (unless the buyer explicitly states that they are happy to wait)
  • Currently Manifesto Kids is operating in the United Kingdom and Europe ... additional shipping costs apply if posting items to Europe
  • The price you pay for shipping your item is based on the size, weight and distance it has to travel as well as how quickly you would like the item to arrive and if you want to use a tracked or signed delivery method
  • If you're posting via Royal Mail you can use their price finder to give an accurate quote on shipping costs:
  • How are shipping costs calculated within the shopping cart? If one item is being bought from a seller, then shipping costs will be as stated by the seller. However, if multiple items are being bought from a single seller then shipping costs are automatically calculated as follows: the item with the highest shipping cost in full + 50% of the second highest shipping cost. Remainder of items get free shipping. This is the fairest way to calculate costs for both buyer and seller.
  • It is very important to give accurate shipping quotes prior to the sale as we prefer for you not to pass on any unexpectedly higher shipping costs to the buyer. The price quoted prior to sale is the price the buyer will be charged - this ensures that all Manifesto Kids users feel they can trust the prices they see. Thanks for your understanding and keeping Manifesto Kids a trusted community


  • As with other online marketplaces, all sales are final and can't be returned to the seller. However, in the unlikely event the item you receive is not as described by the seller, the seller is required to issue a full refund, including postage costs. Please email us on [email protected] if there is a breakdown in communication between buyer and seller - we will mediate the process to ensure the issue is resolved
  • If the item you bought doesn't suit your needs, please do consider reselling it on Manifesto Kids - it means you aren't left out of pocket and the item continues to enjoy a long and happy life, saving the planet in the process