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Terms of use

Manifesto Kids terms of use

Shipping guarantee
We ask all sellers to post sold items within 3 days of sale. However, we do understand that life sometimes gets in the way of best intentions so we allow up to 7 days for items to be posted. If the item is still not despatched after 7 days we request that the seller issues the buyer with a full refund and cancels the sale.

Refund claims
If the item is not as described, the seller is required to issue a full refund including postage costs. If the seller disputes the refund claim Manifesto Kids will discuss options with both parties in an attempt to resolve the situation. We like to ensure that all our buyers and sellers get a fair deal!

Online financial security
To ensure all Manifesto Kids users' online financial security we do not hold any buyers or sellers financial details.

Fraud protection
To protect buyers, any seller who has multiple refund claims logged against them, or receives multiple complaints, will have their Manifesto Kids account terminated.

Shipping guarantee
If an item is lost in transit and tracking shows that it arrived at its destination, then the buyer is responsible and should contact the postal service or courier to file a claim on a missing parcel. If, however, there is no tracking on the item, the seller is responsible for contacting the relevant postal service or courier and is required to give the buyer a full refund including delivery costs.
Refund claims
If an item sold is not as described, we give the buyer 3 days from delivery to request a refund. If the seller disputes the claim Manifesto Kids will discuss options with both parties in an attempt to resolve the situation. We like to ensure that all our buyers and sellers get a fair deal!
Fraud protection
To avoid false claims and to protect sellers, Manifesto Kids will close down the account of any buyers who file multiple disputes to receive refunds or are the recipient of numerous complaints.

Please note that this site has been built for parents selling items that they no longer need. If you are an importer or manufacturer/ producer of new items or a seller of bulk bought (bundles) of love value used items then Manifesto Kids isn't for you and we kindly ask that you don't post on our site.
If we are made aware of any sellers who contravening these rules we'll need to close down the store. Thank you so much for understanding.

Manifestokids is a service that allows its users to buy and sell items and communicate with each other. The Manifestokids service may only be used in accordance with these terms of use. Manifestokids reserves the right to change these terms of use if required.

Acceptable Use Policy
Acceptable Use Policy you can read here

Rights of Content
The users themselves retain the right to all text, pictures and other content that they create on Manifestokids. The users allow others to utilize the content in accordance with the nature of the service and furthermore allow Manifestokids to file information and data and make changes that are necessary for the service, however other rights are not transferred from the users, unless specifically otherwise agreed. The responsibility of the content lies with the user, who has produced it to the service. The service provider has the right to remove any material when it deems it necessary.

No guarantees of the functioning of the Manifestokids service are given. The users are themselves responsible for their actions in the service and they should estimate the reliability of other users before dealing with them. Manifestokids can under no circumstances be liable for damage that is caused to the user. The user may not store any information or data in the service, and expect it to remain there.

The Removal of a User
Manifestokids has the right to remove any users from the Manifesto Kids site and terminate their right of use of the service without any specific reason and without being liable for compensation.

Applicable Jurisdiction
The jurisdiction that is applicable to this service and these terms of use is that of the United Kingdom unless something else is required by binding law.